10+ years

of experience of our team members in the wonderful communication universe that brought you to us.

10+ industries

of the clients we have collaborated with over time, for which we have created a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

10+ countries

from Europe and beyond where we communicated on behalf of international brands for diversified markets.

What can we do for you?

We communicate well-designed integrated strategies by implementing a wide range of services.

Graphic Design

We think design-focused, from the creation of the visual identity to its implementation on the available communication channels.

Social Media

We create strategies to bring visible results for your business through relevant communication.

Content Marketing

We generate quality custom content with strategically set topics to achieve the growth goals for your business.


We develop complete online experiences that rely on easy-to-navigate and visually appealing content.

Meta Ads

We promote content created to reach the right people, at the right time. You can’t communicate without Ads anymore.


We write targeted texts so that the materials used online have an impact and become memorable in the minds of users.

Together and/or separately, during the 10+ years of activity we have worked on projects such as:

Variety motivates us and keeps our interest in the field active. We develop marketing strategies for those who need a communication partner with a good digital eye.

DigiDuo Kaufland
DigiDuo Discovery Channel
DigiDuo KPMG
DigiDuo Mercedes Benz
DigiDuo Ringier
DigiDuo Ziliqa
DigiDuo LaProvincia
DigiDuo 01node
DigiDuo Travel Fuse
DigiDuo Institutul Clinic Fundeni
DigiDuo Nissan
DigiDuo Academia Titi Aur

Let’s talk

You can contact us using the contact form or you can write to us at we@digiduo.ro.